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Bruce Baby Shopping List

This is a list of items that we are shopping for, from regular necessities to just fun stuff. It can be used for convenient shipping with birthdays, Christmas, or just a little something to make them smile! You can see what they’re interested in, what stages they are going through, & supplies for the next big life events.

Top of Wish List:

Dollar Tree Unicorn Sunglasses

Leakproof Swimming Pool

Contigo Bottles

Amara Name Puzzle


Naomi Kay Bruce ~ 08/27/21

Nickname: Honeybee or Bee Bee

Prayerfully Significant Color: Glory yellow

Naomi - A Jewish name of Hebrew origin meaning "pleasantness," "beautiful," and “gentile." It is also a Japanese name meaning "honest beauty.“

Kay - Means "rejoice" in Greek. Also means "keeper of the keys" in English or Arthurian Legend, "pure" in French, "glory" in Greek, and "elder sister" in Native American.

What is Glory? It means God’s opinion of you, “splendor, brightness, a most glorious condition, most exalted state” (G1391). It is a picture of Christ in you on the Earth. “Christ in us becomes a Heavenly treasure chest of concrete confidence filled with the riches of the intimate opinion of Him, view of Him, praise of Him, honor of Him, splendor of Him, brightness of Him, unending dwelling of His presence, magnificence of Him, grace of Him, beauty of Him, & perfect excellence of Him" (from Col 1:27 TPT). This is how He sees us! Not unfit for use, but equipped, designed, & chosen to be one with Him (vs. 21-23) & tell others that He sees them as perfect/complete/finished (vs. 22, 28, & G5046).


Kendi Amara Bruce ~ 06/26/23

Nickname: Ladybug

Prayerfully Significant Color: pink, blue, & violet

Kendi - Is of African origin & means "the loved one," "beloved," "cherished," "loved dearly," or "one who is greatly loved."

Amara - Means "grace" in Nigerian Igbo, "immortal" in Sanskrit, "vital" in German, "peaceful" in Mongolian, & "beloved" in Latin. It also means "blessed without end" and "blessed with eternal life."

What is Grace? It means "to show favor" or "to bend or stoop in kindness" (H2603), for God to meet you on your own terms, a picture of God made flesh for the reconciliation of relationship between God & man so there would never be another question of how He feels about you. It also means to "afford joy, pleasure, delight, sweetness, and loveliness" (G5485) or to "greet with rejoicing" (G5463). Grace is often symbolized with the colors of sapphire blue, royal purple, and scarlet red, similar to the temple veil that was torn, the purple of a king, & Jesus' blood (Ex 26:31, John 19:5, Rev 1:5).

Bruce Baby Shopping List Photo.

*Restrictions may apply. Not all products are eligible.
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